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Our services

Road transportation

Our company offers fast freight transportation services with a quality guarantee at every stage. We carry out transit with partial or full loading of the vehicle through the territory of Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova, European countries, the Baltic States and the CIS. For this purpose, we have reliable carrier partners and qualified specialists

Railroad transportation

We promptly transport and deliver cargo by rail to the following destinations: Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Croatia. Related services we provide for rail cargo delivery include warehousing and transshipment services, customs clearance.

Transportation and forwarding services

Our company provides a range of services during the transportation of goods from the point of departure to the destination. As well as all work that can be performed before and after the transportation of goods.

Insurance and surveying

An insurance policy is one of the main solutions for protecting cargo in transit. To prevent disputes and claims, as well as to settle them, we use survey services, which include a visit by a representative of our company to the place of loading/unloading/transshipment of cargo to record its condition at the time of its transfer to third parties.

Customs and brokerage clearance

Cooperation with experienced customs brokers guarantees minimization of customs risks, turnkey customs brokerage services in a short time and high-quality brokerage support at all stages.

Cargo handling services at terminals

Cargo transshipment means loading cargo from one vehicle to another. Everything depends on the quality and efficiency of the service: the integrity and safety of the cargo, compliance with the charter terms, the carrier's reputation, and the recipient's peace of mind.

Sea freight

We provide container and other sea transportation for domestic and international small, medium and large businesses. Our partner transportation companies help us with this: CMA, MSC, HAPAG, ZIM and others. This type of work is always carried out at the highest level, thanks to the development of an optimal transportation scheme and cooperation with trusted companies, which allow us to organize work at a high level.

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